Founding Members
Mrs. Ophelia Cartwright
Miss Kate Childress
Mrs. W. B. Christian
Mrs. Rena Gill
Mrs. Libby Grinnan Griffith
Mrs. Belle Grinnan
Miss Lucille Grinnan
Mrs. Elizabeth Heath
Mrs. Mary Muckleroy
Mrs. Eva Muckleroy Moore
Miss Nannie Orr
Miss Pearl Phillips
Miss Addye Stewart
Mrs. Celeste Terrell

The Social Science Club of Terrell has continued its objective of intellectual development of its members, as well as raising funds to benefit Terrell civic and educational projects.  Current benefactors include, but are not limited to, the Heritage Museum, the Share Center of Terrell, and college scholarships.
The Social Science Club of Terrell (SSC) was organized in 1894. In 1897, SSC, along with 21 other women's clubs, formed the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs (TFWC). One of the goals of the TFWC was to secure libraries for small towns in Texas. This was accomplished in 1904, and the Andrew Carnegie Foundation funded the Carnegie Library in Terrell, Texas. The Carnegie Library is now home to the Terrell Heritage Society and Museum.